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Sturheit, Sinnlichkeit, Schönheit: Die Kunst der Linda Männel


von Claudia Wunder


Venti Journal

Volume Two, Issue Two, "Senses", Visual Art

The dark frown of a faraway storm, the setting sun easing into an embroidered light, resisting its own fixed mechanism of the frame. Maennel’s seascapes and landscapes let the viewer settle into the feeling of distance. Yet, the embroidered trompe l’oeil maintains the illusion that we can actually sense the atmosphere in her scenes, more intimately than a completely two-dimensional image.

Certain threads of yarn, which delicately illuminate the gloaming hour, insist on the sensation of the air’s changeability; a warm thickness as the light subdues, the clearer air as the dark closes in. This texture also evokes the complex movements of the sunset itself; the scattering of wavelengths that eventually reaches our eyes, which have varying sensitivities, and the molecules of air that enter our lungs. The artist notes, in fact, being inspired by Erich Fried’s poem “Sea”, which embraces the act of arriving at a quiet seascape and breathing it in. (...)


excerpt from a text written by

Stephanie Papa, Venti Journal


Full article:  https://www.venti-journal.com/linda-maennel

textile curator

German textile artist Linda Männel is based in Nuremberg. Her beautiful ink paintings are embroidered in muted colours to give her work ‘a spatial and temporal depth. Embroidery renders diverse images that arise only as the light changes and the viewer changes their vantage point.’


Firstly where did you grow up and where do you live now?

I grew up in the Nuremberg, a lovely city in south Germany. In my childhood, we lived in a castle and my room was at the top of a tower – with a stunning view all over the city. I suppose that’s where my penchant for motifs with distant views comes from. After some time in Vancouver, Canada, I came back to Nuremberg and finally stayed here.


What is your background in textiles?

I studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. In my academy days, I worked almost exclusively in black ink on paper. There were countless attempts to paint in colour but somehow I never really liked it. After graduating from college, I had a lot of unfinished ink paintings and started embroidering them on a whim. This was the kind of colourfulness that my paintings had been lacking!



excerpt from an interview made by

Helen Adams, textile curator



Full Interview:   https://www.textilecurator.com/home-default/home-2-2/lindamannel/


Trough Objects

Linda Maennel is a german artist who creates wonderfully light landscapes, portraits, and floral still lifes through the combination of painting and colored yarn on canvas. By mixing different materials, she gives her ink drawings a veiled surface and creates additional spatial and temporal depth. The rather muted pastel colors cover the ink pictures like a light touch of color. The colored yarn covers the paintings and creates a multifaceted view of reality, especially of people and nature.


excerpt from an article written by

Rita Trindade, Through Objects


Full Articlehttps://through-objects.com/blog/ink-yarn-paintings-by-linda-maennel/


Süddeutsche Zeitung

Das Ende der Kult-Ateliers


von Clara Lipkowski